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Are you using Continuous Integration for your projects?

I found myself this week deep inside Bitrise investigating why our builds had suddenly started failing for release candidates. Unknown to me that it was completely an Xcode 14 issue only, but the logs received from CI are always very granular.

I could connect to the remote machines to open the xcworkspace and see what the error was building locally. It's always one of those time-sink moments when hours would pass with little progress.

Long story short, if you're using Firebase & CocoaPods, you might find yourself in the same boat as me. Essentially, a dependency used by Firebase (GPRCC) is currently bundled with code signing enabled and this isn't great, no framework should be code signed. I managed to locate the issue and insert one line to disable Code Signing for all CocoaPods... issue is resolved! ✅

I love CI, in fact I was a massive advocate in the early days, and I still am but for sure moments like this hurt!

Have a great week ahead 🙏🏼

Adam Rush

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