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We are closing in on the end of the year, and what a year it has been for many. With the ever-evolving situation in the world, I hope we can see a massive improvement into 2022.

I have decided this year to work 100% remotely, and if you asked me if I would consider this 18 months ago, I would have laughed at you. However, I think the world is now fully adapted to different ways of working, and I can't see us ever going back to the way we worked before the pandemic.

I enjoy working remotely, but I do miss the in-person connections that you get from an office, and this is why next year, I plan on renting some co-working space so I can still get this when required.

I hope you have found the sweet spot for how you're going to work in the future 🚀

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Survey Results

This week I asked if you're using SwiftUI yet? It's an interesting question given the hype in the community but how viable is it within your company?

  • Yes, absolutely (37%)
  • We have a few SwiftUI View's (25%)
  • Nope, not yet! (25%)
  • We are building POC's (12%)
SwiftlyRush Weekly