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The Apple App Store has hit the news this week again as Elon musk also criticised the 30% Apple margin as too high. This roundabout discussion keeps appearing and I do wonder if the time will ever come when change happens.

In other news, Apple is inviting members of the Apple Developer Community to attend a small gathering within Apple Park to watch the WWDC Keynote and State of the Union. The deadline for applying is on May 9th and you will receive an invitation if you're accepted.

I would love to be in this beautiful part of the US and I hope my request is accepted, however, I am not holding out given the number of people applying.

In other news, this week I set a social experiment and I launched the Social Contributor App, the idea is simple. Allow anyone in the community to add some SwiftUI code to the application and eventually, we'll ship it on the App Store, some people learn by doing and so this is a great opportunity to code alongside people within the community, I would love if you could get involved too.

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