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I have never been so excited to launch my own app before.

I have launched many side projects in my time as an iOS developer, I think it's pretty common for all of us to tinker with a side project and ship it on the App Store. In fact, one of the many things people used to always tell me when learning iOS development was ship an app. Any app, it could be a simple calculator or a sound board (they were common in those days) but ship anything.

It never really made sense back then, but now it makes complete sense. Working on a small app in your own time is a great way to learn new technologies or new ways of implementing some code. It's also hugely satisfying when you get closer to the end and all the hard work is about to be pushed to millions of potential customers.

I am close now, all the content is prepared and ready to go, I even submitted it to Apple to see if they would consider promoting this when I launch 🙏🏼

I will soon be calling out for help, so keep an eye on my Twitter feed.

Adam Rush

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