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Do you ever use a whiteboard? 👩🏼‍🏫

I am curious, I have been using a whiteboard since the early days of my career, I would often be that person in the office visualising what everyone was saying or sketching ideas for a project I was working on. It wasn't really for anyone benefit other than mine.

I have continued this practice right through my 12 years of programming. In fact, it was the very first thing I installed in my first house and was the very first thing I installed in my current house. I just find it extraordinarily useful to draw out something, so I can visualise it; I guess you might do too.

It's an interesting concept, don't get me wrong, I like to use digital platforms for things as well, but there is nothing better than physically drawing or sketching.

My whiteboard is currently 70% SwiftLeeds and 30% ideas.

Let me know in this thread.

Adam Rush

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I have always expressed my gratitude to indie developers. Have you seen Tonoto app from Meg? It's incredible, and help spread the word!

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