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Have you ever been laid off?

I had the very unfortunate event happen a few months ago when working for Stream and I can honestly say it was the most surreal experience that I am likely never going to forget. I think it's the unknown that sends shockwaves to us more than anything.

Sadly, given the current economic climate, this isn't the first company to lay off 30% of their workforce, in fact Twilio have just recently announced a significant layoff as well. The difference though is the handling. The CEO has emailed all staff to let them know it's happening and how you will know if you're affected.

Okay, laying off staff isn't ideal for the CEO, the company or the existing staff, but being honest with people is number 1. Most people will understand and move on gracefully if they're given honesty and news upfront.

I hope this economic downturn won't last for too much longer!

Have a great week!

Adam Rush

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