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SwiftLeeds was amazing!

It's quite an effort to host a conference; throughout the year, it's pretty quiet as we plan for the year ahead, and it's mainly an hour or so a week. However, a few weeks before the build-up starts and my week is dominated by SwiftLeeds making sure we have everything ready.

Then, the 48 hours covering the conference is non-stop and down to the logistics of running the conference, but wow, it's 100% worth every minute I devote to the conference.

We received over 60 responses on the survey, and it's overwhelmingly positive, we have a couple of things to improve for next year, but we smashed it!

We look forward to planning immediately for 2023 as we aim to run across 2 days instead of one. Did you enjoy SwiftLeeds?

Adam Rush

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We had a blast at SwiftLeeds

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