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Meta has confirmed a layoff of 10,000 people!

You have likely seen recent updates this week from the top companies making layoffs, such as Twitter, Meta and Google. It's hard not to when we're pushed with these announcements through the media and through social media.

Layoffs are brutal for everyone, for the company has to make the tough decision for the people being laid off given they're thrown into a world of uncertainty but also hard on those left to pick up the pieces daily.

I know layoffs happen, and it's likely something we should become familiar with, but I still cannot understand how the process of doing so (mostly in the US) is at all humane. How is it acceptable to disconnect people from systems, and that is how they know about being laid off? It feels outrageous.

This is for sure when I appreciate the rules and foundations we have in the EU and the UK.

I want to end this newsletter writeup by saying. Don't allow the media to control how we feel right now. Yes, for sure the tech landscape has changed recently, but I know it will bounce back to more sustainable levels.

Have a great week ahead!

Adam Rush

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