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I do enjoy this time of the year.

For me, it's not just about the seasonal aspect of moving towards the end of the year, but I do feel like most things slow down to a steady pace in life in general, and I enjoy utilising this moment to recharge and reset for the year ahead.

I, of course, enjoy having some earned rest and spending it with my family but as part of that comes recharging and resetting, ready for another big year ahead.

The most important thing for me to do around this time is look at my personal goals, what I have achieved, and what I would like to aim for in 2023. I have mentioned this before in my opening newsletter, which I have been practising for around 5 years.

Sometimes, you read about it as "setting personal goals", but for me, it's been widely successful, and I use it for both personal and professional.

Adam Rush

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I was reminiscing this week, watching this old interview from Steve Jobs. It's a great one!

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