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I experienced my first outage 🫣

It's the first time my website has been offline for some significant time (more than a few minutes) yesterday, and it was a worrying time as messages started to flood in. Still, it made me realise how people are using my website for content because I wasn't expecting that amount of messages to come in.

The issue was some lousy PHP code; I know, PHP!

In other news, I released a brand new article this week, 2022 is a Wrap, whereby I cover my wrap-up notes from 2022 as I plan my goals and ambitions for 2023. As I mentioned in my article, I am grateful to everyone who contributes/reads or engages with my content.

I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. I say this, but the newsletter will continue throughout the festive period.

Adam Rush

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We are fast to think about all the negative things throughout the year, but it's also great to see the fantastic things we have achieved.

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