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So that's it, we're now embarking on a fresh new year ahead!

I hope you're feeling refreshed and reenergised ready for the year ahead and now is the perfect time to reflect from the past year and look at what 2023 looks like for you. Perhaps you're eager to get that next job, ready to start pushing for the next promotion in your existing career, or maybe to start writing articles or content. Whatever your ambitions are for the year ahead, write them down so you can always revisit them when you need to realign your priorities.

2023 is going to be busy for me. We have huge plans for the next edition of SwiftLeeds, and the cogs have already started turning as we commence the planning.

SwiftlyRush is going to get a brand new lick of paint so do keep an eye on that of course, I will always have goals to keep on writing new content and pushing my own boundaries in this space.

Let me know your goals and ambitions 💡

Adam Rush

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We have new Design Kits for iOS 16 😍

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