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Have you ever done any major building work? 👷🏼‍♂️

I haveren't until now and I just want to share with you it's not fun 😂 We had visions of how we wanted our house for more than 6 years since we bought the house but it's not something we wanted to do quickly or rush into so we took our time planning and really crafting exactly how we wanted our home to function.

Well, we're 3 months into the build and it's really starting to take shape but today is the day they're breaking into the existing house and let me tell you, stressful is an understatement.

But, you have to look past it, I am very excited to have a dedicated office space to really build my products and work fully from home 😍

Have a great week ahead!

Adam Rush

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💡 And Finally...

I am on my way to Lisbon, Portugal for our company onsite, I am very excited to be back in person for a little while 🙏🏼

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