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Are you interested in tooling?

You might wonder what I mean by "tooling" but really what I mean is building any kind of tools that help with day to day life as a Software Engineer or working inside a team of Software Engineers.

A tool is usually something that helps speed up the process of being an engineer or perhaps it automates a job that is often a manual process and I love this.

Recently, I spent much of my time automating our entire release process at Circuit and we moved our entire CI stack over to CodeMagic. However, we kept on going and we even wrote custom actions for Fastlane to change things like Phased Release and Release Type directly inside App Store Connect, I even went as far as inserting a changelog for the "What's New".

It's a small thing but will save us hundreds of hours am sure in the long term, I think that's a win 🚀

I guess there is no limit to what tools you can build for you or your team and I curious on what things you already have or perhaps thinking about doing?

Let me know and have a great week ahead 🙏🏼

Adam Rush

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