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You are never too old to stop learning.

I find this out very regular, but this week it suddenly dawned on me even more. When I look back over my 12 years of Software Engineering it's often quite funny to think about the different stages of my career and how I was and acted.

I always remember when I landed my first iOS job and I was very keen, I couldn't believe that working inside Xcode was going to be my "day job" because it was often only opened during evening and weekends and it's funny how one can be so excited by this.

However, when I joined the company as my first iOS job it suddenly dawned on me how much I didn't know but then also solidified everything I do know and it was the best thing ever and because it was my first job it was no issue the things I didn't know.

But, after a few years you suddenly build up your knowledge and believe you can conquer the world. I don't doubt after this amount of time we build up lots of knowledge but I do believe we still have a lot to go not knowledge but mentally, how we deal with things that we don't yet know and could actually learn.

So what is this all about, well after 12 years I was talking to a colleague when they described something they had done, when I asked more about it I couldn't believe this existed within Xcode. Granted, it was relatively new to the IDE but nevertheless, I am "almost 30"... and after 12 years still learning what you would call a basic feature.

So, perhaps you can take this from someone who is older or perhaps you understand what I am saying or maybe you disagree with what I am saying, nevertheless, you can always learn something new and I think it's something everybody should keep on doing despite your tenure.

Have a great week ahead!

Adam Rush

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